17-19 MAY 2018 at the Durban Exhibition Centre South Africa


It is Africa's premier ICT and Technology event which will showcase the new trends in the industry. Africa's ICT industry is growing at a steady pace and a lot of cooperation is going on in public and private sector

Information Technology is required to develop a secure cyber environment, maintain a uniform flow of information, and increase the revenue of an organization. Africa is offering huge opportunities for IT investment, evident by the initiation of several large projects. The IT market in Africa is expected to grow rapidly, supported by its expanding population, government initiatives, and increasing demand for SMAC(Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) technologies.

As part of the South Africa National Vision 2030, Africa is transforming itself into a global, knowledge-based economy, focusing on knowledge and expertise along with its natural resources.

The government is also providing support to the SME sector in the country, which in turn is expected to drive the IT market in Africa. The country's favorable economic conditions and increased adoption of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data are all expected to contribute significantly to the growth of IT market in Africa.

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IT & Business Solutions

Multimedia Technology Providers

Big Data

Healthcare Systems & Technologies


Web Solutions

Why South Africa

South Africa is emerging as one of the most dynamic and innovative economies in Africa. Sector growth continues to rise at (at least) double the national growth rate, and is now contributing around 6% to national GDP.

The economy is steadily expanding in practically every sector and industry. A combination of government investment and the participation of multi-national companies are creating a culture of opportunity.

South Africa's ICT sector has shown rapid expansion over the past two decades. The government has increasingly sought to provide support for nationwide development of internet connectivity through the National Broadband Plan, while rising data demand and the burgeoning e-commerce and mobile payment segments will further underpin sector development. At the same time, a shift away from traditional voice and SMS services into the realm of data services is prompting telecoms operators to invest heavily in new fibre-optic and next-generation infrastructure.

Rising recognition of ICT's importance to inclusive economic growth should allow the sector to remain at the forefront of digital innovation on the continent.

Africa's attractiveness stems from its continuous growth over recent years and the variety of progressive developmental, technological and cultural initiatives undertaken by the government along with its support for large scale infrastructure projects as well as cultural and technology initiatives.